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The NRA Civil Rights Defense Fund gets numerous requests for assistance. Therefore, the NRA Civil Rights Defense Fund has a procedure for determining whether to fund a court case. The NRA Civil Rights Defense Fund has guidelines for submission of cases for the trustees' discretionary review. Cases presenting compelling unsettled or new issues of law are of special interest to the NRA Civil Rights Defense Fund. The Trustees normally meet three times a year: in the late spring, fall, and winter. A request for litigation funding should be submitted to the secretary not later than 30 days prior to the meeting in which the request is to be considered. Late submissions will be considered only upon the approval of the trustees assigned to review the case and only upon emergency.


Applications for financial support must be submitted by an attorney. Requests should include, at a minimum, the following information:

  1. Legal or constitutional issue to be resolved and how it would have a widespread favorable impact;
  2. Summary of the facts;
  3. Background of the litigants or other parties;
  4. Summary of past and projected administrative and legal proceedings;
  5. Projected costs of litigation for the different stages of the case and an explanation of the basis for such projected costs, including hourly attorney fees and projected number of hours;
  6. Other sources of funding and amounts received and requested;
  7. Probability of obtaining a favorable result and basis for conclusion.

Where a shooting range is seeking support, the following additional information must be provided: (1) whether there is an ownership interest; (2) whether the activity is challenged despite a range protection law; (3) whether the operation of the range is lawful; (4) whether the range was allowed to operate without a range protection law and is now threatened with a shut down; (5) whether the range is open to the public; and (6) number of members.



Applicants seeking grants for research projects, such as law review articles, books, websites, or similar scholarship and research, should provide the following minimum information to be considered by the NRA CRDF Board of Trustees in evaluating such requests.

  1. Describe the research project (e.g., book, law review article, research paper, website, etc.).
  2. How will the research be disseminated?
  3. Have you engaged or will you engage a publisher? If so please name the publisher and provide contact information. If you have not yet done so but intend to engage a publisher please provide a list of publishers or journals you will contact.
  4. Will the research be posted on any website? If so, please identify the website.
  5. What is the projected distribution of the research (e.g., how many site views, book purchases, or law review reads or cites do you expect)? Please explain in detail how you arrived at your projection.
  6. Please explain, in detail, why this project is necessary and how it will further the mission of the NRA Civil Rights Defense Fund. What gaps in current publications or research will your new research project fill? How do you foresee your new research being used?
  7. How will your research benefit the public at large?
  8. Are there other sources of funding that you have received and/or requested for this research project? If so, what are the amounts of these other sources of funding that you have received and/or requested for this research project?

The NRA Civil Rights Defense Fund will not return submitted material. Therefore, originals should not be sent. Also, confidential, privileged and/or attorney-client materials should not be sent.

An applicant for and/or recipient of NRA Civil Rights Defense Fund funding agrees to have his or her likeness and the facts and circumstances of the case publicized and/or used for fund raising by the NRA Civil Rights Defense Fund as a condition for receiving financial support.

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