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Essay Contest Scholarship Winners
NRA Civil Rights Defense Fund Youth Essay Contest
For the 2016 contest, CRDF received 738 Senior entries and 32 Junior entries. The students who made the submissions were enrolled in an elementary, junior high, or high school. Winners were selected by a committee made up of NRA Assistant General Counsel Skipp Galythly, NRA Assistant General Counsel Morgan Shields, Paralegal Katie Crowley, Paralegal Jackie Husar, and Paralegal Emily Freeman.

Congratulations to the following 2016 Winners!

Senior Category (Grades 9 through 12)
First Place
Justin Eugene Benjamin, Kila, OH
Second Place
Alexandria Sherman, Panama City, FL
Third Place
Sara Gammon, Drexel, MO
Fourth Place
Dominic Mancini, Alexandria, VA
Honorable Mentions
Kailyn Bates, West Chester, PA
Patrick Benyo, Castleton, VA
Layne Bloodsworth, High Springs, FL
Elizabeth Chowning, Independence, MO
Anna Conner, Edwardsville, IL
Anna Epps, Springfield, MO
John Feczko, Pittsburgh, PA
Allie Findlay, Olympia, WA
Marc Fritsche, Lake St. Louis, MO
Rachel Gardner, Worth, MO
Derek Goshay, Marietta, GA
Faith Harron, Bismarck, ND
Logan Hill, Mont Belview, TX
Samantha Houck, Goode, VA
Rashel Korte, Aztec, NM
Ripley Martin, West Plains, MO
Camron Martinez, Aztec, NM
Gary McIntosh, Topeka, KS
Nathan Osgood, Lewiston, ME
Dustin Saathoff, Denton, MD
Nathan Spaude, Saginaw, MI
Kelsey Stroud, Paonia, CO
Elise Rose, Winnemucca, NV
John Austin Russell, Dickinson, TX
Nicholas Tkacz, Hauppauge, NY
Taylor Vehoc, Petersburg, IL

Junior Category (Grades 8 and below)
First Place
Nicco Schuler, Hudson, WI
Second Place
Lauren Bradshaw, Centreville, VA
Third Place
Noah Michael Smith, Jonesville, VA
Fourth Place
Ashlyn Christina Elwood, Marietta, GA
Honorable Mentions
Corbin Fry, Bozeman, MT
Adam Manuel Laurio, Jacksonville, NC
Hannah Walters, Wausau, FL
Esther Woelfel, Cole Camp, MO

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